Our Northern Trip is an opportunity to hunt with different packs up and down the country – from the Percy to the Braes of Derwent, from the Belvoir to the Beaufort to the Mendip Farmers. Our Goose & Dumpling dinner is held after hunting on the Saturday, re-creating the event in the Surtees’ classic ‘Hawbuck Grange’.




“For people who are fond of goose (and who is not?) a greater treat could not be devised. There was no taking the edge of the appetite off with soup, or fish, or patties, or cutlets, or side dishes of any sort; but they sat down to dine off the one thing they expected. This, too, was done in the fairest, most equitable way imaginable; for instead of a favored few getting the breast and tit bits, leaving nothing but gristly drumsticks for late comers, each man had his own half goose, and could take whatever part he liked first, without eating in haste and fear that the next favored cut would be gone ‘ere he could get at it again.”

Hawbuck Grange