The Annual Dinner marks the start of every Season. Always held on the first Monday in November, the dress is suits and there is no seating plan. A heifer is sent down to the Club from the Welch herd, which grazes the rich Surtees heartlands in the North of England.

Previous speakers at the Annual Dinner include Enoch Powell, Captain Ian Farquhar, General Sir Jack Deverell, Jacob Rees Mogg MP and Lord Charles Moore.




Young Tom Hall by RS Surtees“Dresses being at length arranged, dinners occupied their united attention. The major and Mrs Guineafowle were most anxious that they should be of the most elegant description, partaking as much of the character of one recently given by the Duke of Gormanstone as Miss Nettleworth, the Gormanstone castle today, had been able to recollect and narrate to Mrs Guineafowle. Gormanstone castle, we may observe, was the strong hold of the tory—a heaven from which our Major was expelled when he ratted over to the Whigs.” Young Tom Hall